Immerse Degree Program

Immerse Master of Divinity


Historically, the Master of Divinity has been the standard degree for those called to full-time vocational ministry. Immerse is a four-year Master of Divinity (MDiv) program that develops you within a local ministry context for a journey of biblical and theological reflection, skill development and personal growth. As a discipleship adventure, it helps you build the character and knowledge essential to spiritual ministry leadership. A ministry mentor, an academic mentor, and a network mentor work with you throughout the program to help you develop the skills, competencies and character you need to be an effective minister of God, in your local context.

Mentored-Ministry Learning Model

You learn and live out your academic and applied assignments in the context of your life and ministry through the Immerse competencies and outcomes-based learning model. Guided by a team of mentors, you work through a series of carefully-crafted learning experiences that help you acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and character required in ministry and missional leadership. The Immerse context degree program is fully customizable to fit with you and your ministry context, without you having to relocate or leave your position.

Partnership with the Church

Immerse is based on a partnership between ACTS\CBS Seminaries, ministry networks and local churches working together to mentor students through the program and ultimately, endorse graduates for positions of leadership and influence. Your education takes place within your ministry context, which means you don’t need to quit your ministry position or relocate for training. The Immerse program does require attendance at two, three-day weekend intensives per year held in the fall and the spring.

Competency and Outcomes-Based Education 

The Immerse program facilitates 27 Ministry Learning Outcomes grouped in clusters of three main and three minor categories, in which you need to demonstrate mastery before graduation. Assignments, instruction and your mentoring relationships will lead you step by step in developing your character and competencies in these areas that are essential for effective spiritual service. You will be developed through a discipleship process that includes rigorous academic and applied study combined with Scriptural and spiritual formation for mission. Immerse is designed particularly for learners who already serve in some ministry capacity. The program requires self-discipline and self-initiative in the process. 

Tuition and Benefits

Tuition for the Immerse MDiv is based on a flat fee of $666.00 per month or $8,000 per year. Baptist General Conference students enrolled through Canadian Baptist Seminary may be eligible for a bursary of $2,000 per year.

All students enrolled in an ACTS\CBS Immerse English speaking degree program also receive the following benefits at no additional cost:

  • Use Logos Bible Software as long as you are a student in an MDiv. English speaking degree program at ACTS\CBS. The software is yours to keep when you graduate.
  • Regulated access to Logos Mobile Ed courses.
  • Audit any ACTS course that can help you fulfill a Ministry Learning Outcome.
  • Attend all required and optional Immerse intensives.

Apply to Immerse MDiv Program

The Immerse MDiv degree program is designed to be completed in four years of sustained study as you continue in your ministry context. Students who seek to transfer previous credit (which is evaluated by the ACTS admissions team and CBS) or accomplish the Immerse outcomes sooner, could complete the program in less than four years. Upon successful completion of all outcomes, Trinity Western University and Canadian Baptist Seminary will award the Immerse Master of Divinity degree, which is fully accredited by ATS.

To inquire into the Immerse MDiv program customized and offered through CBS, contact the CBS office at Or apply directly on the ACTS website.