Kairos Degree Program

Kairos Master of Arts in Christian Leadership


There are two words for time in Greek. The first, chronos, refers to chronological time–seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, etc. The second, kairos, refers to a specific moment in time or a time in which an activity or incident occurs. 

For many years, the primary method of theological education has been based on the chronos understanding of time. Students progress chronologically through a specific set of courses over a certain number of years and, provided they pass the courses, receive a degree at the end. Chronological time spent in class and the grades received in courses have been used as primary measurement of student learning. While this is still a valid learning model for many, perhaps we could think of seminary not so much as a place but as a platform for theological education.


CBS offers a way to focus on kairos learning. In this philosophy, learning is built around moments in time that naturally encourage integrated learning. Students are accountable to fulfill specific outcomes, not simply chronological progression through a set of courses. As students engage in learning, life, and ministry, a team of mentors walks alongside them, to offer encouragement and assistance. Students do not need to relocate or leave their positions.

CBS Partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary, South Dakota

CBS has partnered with Sioux Falls Seminary to offer a customized Kairos Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. It is a student-centered, faculty directed, learning experience that requires a new paradigm for theological education and challenges us to re-think the full-time student. A reward of the Kairos process of discipleship, is that the student as well as the three mentors learn and mature together.

Context and Outcomes-based Learning

Similar to the Immerse MDiv process, the Kairos Master of Arts in Christian Leadership process offers flexible learning through contextually integrated educational moments and customizable assignments. It is designed specifically for individuals who are actively engaged in ministry and/or desire to integrate their faith and work or for some who do not desire the MDiv route. Students accepted into the Kairos track move toward an outcomes directed process for Christian discipleship under the supervision of a mentor team, by the direction of faculty, and through participation in a cohort-based community of learning, supplemented by some online and face to face intensives.

Competency-based Philosophy

Similar to the Immerse MDiv, The Kairos MA is a competency based innovative educational philosopy that tailors a course of learning to an individual's unique ministry needs. It allows for an open system with specializations and learning styles and schedules that fit the individual. The program is delivered entirely in one's ministy context, whether a local church, a missions assignment, a parachurch agency, a college, or other settings. It is much like an apprentice model of education. There is not a presribed set of courses to take, per se, but outcomes that are achieved with assessments. The goal is to make a discipleship process affordable, accessible, and relevant. However, the program will not suit everyone. It requires self-discipline and planning with a value on the process. 


Tuition for the MA in Christian Leadership, offered through Canadian Baptist Seminary in partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary, is a flat monthly subscription fee of $400 ($4,800 per year, Canadian funds).

Apply to Kairos MA Program

The Kairos MA in Christian Leadership degree program is designed to be completed in two to three years of sustained study. Students who seek to transfer previous credit (evaluated by the Sioux Falls Seminary admissions team and CBS) or accomplish the Kairos outcomes sooner, could complete the program sooner. Upon successful completion of all outcomes, Sioux Falls Seminary with Canadian Baptist Seminary will award the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree, which is fully accredited by ATS.

To inquire or to apply for the Kairos Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree program customized and offered through CBS, contact the CBS office at canbapseminary@twu.ca.