Centre for Spiritual Leadership

"Cultivating Biblical Minds & Burning Hearts"

We value a learning and leadership experience cultivated in community shaped by that which is biblical, spiritual, evangelical, and missional.


Coordinated through Canadian Baptist Seminary in association with the Baptist General Conference of Canada, the Centre for Spiritual Leadership offers resources and a two-year discipleship-leadership non-formal training program designed to foster Scripture-fed and Spirit-led church lay-leaders. 

It uses five free online courses available on BiblicalTraining and offers four one-day Saturday seminars (one each Spring and one each Fall), also to be made available by live-stream, and video recorded for online access. Lay-level context and outcomes-based learning will be developed for each course and seminar, custom designed for each participant, in relationship with a ministry mentor or small group cohort throughout the program. You study according to your own pace and schedule as you work through four learning modules. 

Upon completion of the program, Canadian  Baptist Seminary will award the learner a Certificate in Spiritual Leadership.


The Centre for Spiritual Leadership aims to develop devout, disciple-making church lay-leaders with an ACTS 6:4 vision: "But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word."


MODULE 1 (January - June)

       Understanding Bible Interpretation (online)

       Understanding the Old Testament (online)

       The Devout Life of Spiritual Development & Prayer 

                (Spring, Saturday Seminar)

MODULE 2 (July - December)

       Understanding the New Testament (online)

       Practices of Disciplemaking 

                (Fall, Saturday Seminar)

MODULE 3 (January - June) 

       Understanding Christian Theology (online)

       Spiritual and Missional Leadership 

                 (Spring, Saturday Seminar)

MODULE 4 (July - December)

       Understanding Church History (online)

       Christianity, Vocation, and Culture 

                  (Fall, Saturday Seminar)


Each participant will plan their learning experience with the free online courses according to their own schedule customized and guided by a ministry mentor or in a small group cohort. In addition, each participant is invited to enrol in two one-day Saturday seminars each year, for a total of four. 

Study guides and selected books are available for each course and seminar.

The four Saturday seminars will be held live in one central location, one in the spring and one in fall. The location will be determined and each seminar will be made available for those outside of the location through live-stream and then video recorded.


People can enrol in the discipleship program on the first day of any month, with January and July as the best months to start. 

For those who enrol in the full two-year program, there is an initial non-refundable administration fee of $25.

Each online course is free. The ministry mentoring is also free.

The fee for each Saturday seminar is $50 (plus any books or materials) for a total of $200 (four seminars).

The estimated cost of books and materials is $150.

The final certificate administrative fee for those who complete the entire program is $25.

Total Costs for the Two-Year Certificate Training Program:

  • Initial administration fee: $25.
  • Saturday Seminars: $200.
  • Estimated cost of books & materials: $150.
  • Certificate administration fee: $25.
  • Total cost of program: $400 (estimated)

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